SoulShift3: Slave to Child

Pastor Earl
September 22, 2019

SoulShift3: Slave to Child

Slave to Child is a shift in identity from one who serves God to one who loves God. We are consumed with laws, sin, and judgment so we work to achieve crowns in Heaven. We lack confidence in our relationship with God and our natural instinct is to somehow compen- sate. We interpret lessons from the preacher as, “So this is what God wants from me in or- der to be approved.” When we shift from this kind of slavery we embrace a new reality, a new identity–a child of God. And everything about our outlook changes. Our serving be- comes a desire to please the God with whom we have relationship as a Father not, say a judge. We are no longer just doing God’s will, we have God’s mind. And our destination is a new identity as children of God who live in beautiful fellowship with Him with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with it.

Slave to Child bulletin note final w-blanks

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